Something that I am commonly asked when exhibiting at Wedding Fairs is “So what is it that you actually do?” and for a while, I found this a challenging question to answer concisely. In truth, it is so wide and varying as well as so unique to each couples requirements that it can be quite difficult to summarise.

In todays blog I summarise the seven key things that most Wedding Planners will do for you, depending upon the service package that you arrange to book with them.

However this list is by no means exhaustive – for example I ran out of items before I could suggest “Get extra loo roll from the local supermarket when the venue runs out” and “Dash back to your Parent’s hotel to get your Marriage schedule because your Dad actually forgot it”….

1.     Recommend vendors in industry – value for money

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Your Wedding Planner will be able to make recommendations for you on suppliers who fall into your own unique requirements – budget, style and approach all in mind. Perhaps you really hate having your Photograph taken but really want beautiful keepsake images of the day, the chances are that your Planner can recommend someone with a very relaxed attitude who falls within your budget and still captures amazing images. This saves you spending time meeting with suppliers that you just won’t consider a good match for you and also means that your Planner has already suggested people who fall within your budget so that any vendor meetings don’t fall apart when the talk of money comes up.

At Timeless White, we are pleased to give all of our clients access to our incredible Dreamlist of some of Scotland’s very best suppliers, hand-picked by us as genuine and whole hearted recommendations. Nobody pays to be in there and nobody pays us if you book them – You simply have access to incredible recommendations and discounts from the outset, sometimes able to save the equivalent of our entire Wedding planning fee!

2.     Help you to understand legal process

Lets face it – your unlikely to have been through the paperwork process of getting legally married before and all those fancy words on government websites can make it look and sound a bit complicated! Your Planner will be able to guide you on the papers you need to submit, the timing of your submission and to advise you on which documents you will need to provide.

This is something that really has so much value, because it can be a real worry and headache – especially if you are being married in a foreign country. At Timeless White, we give our international couples access to a guide to getting married in Scotland that we have prepared specifically to help our clients through the process.



3.     Co-ordinate and liaise with suppliers

It’ll come as no surprise to you that everyone involved in your Wedding day will be keen to learn as much as they can about the day. Interested suppliers – Great. Lots of questions – Not always so great.

This is when your Planners role comes in to play – Your Planner can advise all of your Suppliers on most of the detail of your Wedding and act as a bit of a shield between yourselves and more questions than you care to repeat the answers to.

Something that is important to remember is that any good Planner will never assume answers for you or make decisions without running the questions by you first – so you are never cut out of the decision making process, only some of the administrative/organisational pressure is removed from you.

4.     Help with budget

The B word has a lot to do with everything to do with your Wedding – The timing, the styling, the number of guests, even what you eat and drink on the day are all commonly affected by the budget.

At Timeless White we issue our clients with a Budget planning spreadsheet to assist you in understanding typical costs of each Supplier (From Bagpipers to Fireworks and everything in-between) allowing you to then see the bigger picture, before tweaking things to get to the figures you wish.

An experienced Wedding Planner should be able to give you advice on creative ways to save and spend money, as well as give you an honest opinion about whether that £500 candy bar is really going to have as much of an impact as you think.

5.     Design your wedding – perfect props

Every Bride-to-be has a Wedding Pinterest board or a good old fashioned book of inspiration – It would be silly to pretend that your Wedding Planner is going to be your only source of inspiration. Of course not! But she will be able to get a sense of the overall vision and look that you want to present on the day and will be able to tastefully work with your budget to achieve that look. Whatsmore, your Planner will know where you can get something that seems impossible to find, be able to suggest new trends that your Friends might never have seen before and will also be able to suggest unused spaces at Wedding venues that make cute corners for themed Drinks trolleys or suit some adornment.

6.     Deal with last minute stress

Nat and Tom-138 (2).JPG

It’s the week of your Wedding and something, anything goes wrong (Your boiler decides to die for example!) – Your stress levels are going to be really high. Suddenly your time is consumed with worry and trying to keep ontop of various beauty appointments, visiting family, last minute DIY projects for the day and collecting dresses and kilts. This is where your Planner suddenly becomes your Fairy Godmother – Your Planner will typically deal with anything that comes up the week before your Wedding as far as possible.

So no matter what happens in the lead up to the day or on the day itself, you can be assured that an experienced professional is handling any and all questions, issues and changes that might arise in relation to the event itself.

Something that we are told at every Wedding is how much of a huge relief it is to just know that someone trustworthy is there in the backround in the lead up to the day and on the day itself, quietly taking care of anything and anyone that needs it.

7.     Find best wedding insurance

 Insurance? Boring you say! Well, there’s no denying that but its also something that should be seriously considered when you are in the process of Planning your Wedding. The chances are you don’t imagine spending your Engagement reading the many dry pages of insurance T&C’s but as with anything, the time invested in something like this can be hugely beneficial should you actually need to rely on it. Luckily for you, your Wedding Planner should be relatively well versed when it comes to the downfalls of some insurance providers and be able to make a recommendation based on the best level of coverage. Of course, Wedding Planners are by no means insurance experts, so you should always just double check the details before going ahead yourself.