Timeless White listed as one of the UK’s top Wedding Planners….again!

It’s been a cold, wet, windy Tuesday and a little ray of sunshine has just arrived in my inbox! Just over a year ago we were listed in the Top 10 Wedding Planners of the UK list which was put together by Alive network - one of UK's most popular networks of Wedding Entertainment and Celebrity acts for Weddings.

We are delighted to have been selected as one of the UK’s top Wedding Planners in one of the latest blog posts from global Hen Party Planning website, Gohen.com. I particularly like the part where they liken Wedding Planners to “Event Rescuing Superhero’s” ….that is a title I could get used to!

Read the article here.

Recognition is always such a lovely thing to receive and being listed here along with a number of other businesses that I aspire to, I am feeling very proud of Timeless White and its amazing achievements since we launched back in 2010