Wedding Emergency Kits: Be prepared!

Last week I attended the “Your Wedding Exhibition” in Aberdeen. Exhibiting isn’t something that I often do with Timeless White as I’ve found in the past that there isn’t much time to tell potential clients in depth what Timeless White do – However, given we now have an established Hire Collection, I felt it could be a great opportunity to get our lovely items on show.

Timeless White Wedding Planning at Your Wedding Exhibition, Aberdeen, Scotland.  

Timeless White Wedding Planning at Your Wedding Exhibition, Aberdeen, Scotland.

This year, I decided to give away a particularly useful freebie! These were Mini Wedding SOS Kits, intended to be given to a Bridesmaid to have in her Clutch bag on the day. Below are a list of things that I included and following that there are a list of things that I recommend are added.

Most of the items within here would be well suited to also include in a toiletries basket which many Brides are now making and displaying in the ladies loos.

Remember, being prepared for the unexpected is always a good thing!

Things to include in a Wedding SOS Emergency Kit

  • Pocket tissues – For anyone who may shed a tear!
  • Cotton Buds – For fixing eyeliner after said tears!
  • Kirby Grips in Blonde/Black shades – Incase somebodys hair decides to be difficult!
  • Clear Blister Plasters – Sore feet are a Wedding day no-no! Dancing is most important!
  • Floss/Toothpicks – Canapes are delicious but often contain lots of small herbs!
  • Wrapped mints – Fresh breath for that first kiss as Husband and Wife is essential!
Wedding SOS Emergency Kit

Other recommendations

  • Fuses – It sounds ridiculous but you’d be amazed how many blown fuses I’ve had to overcome!
  • Pain Killers – Incase all of the bubbles give you a headache!
  • Superglue – There are countless uses!
  • 2m of Ribbon in Wedding colour – Super handy for hanging signs, covering imperfections between cake layers, attaching flowers to pews/doors etc
  • Lash Glue – Lush false lashes are wonderful, until an end comes loose!

Best of all, provided everything goes to plan on your day, you can give your Wedding SOS Emergency kit to a Bridesmaid or Friend who is being married after you. I’m sure any Bride would be delighted with this as a thoughtful little present!

Certainly everyone who took one of these from us at the Exhibition seemed very pleased!

Happy Planning!