7 Reasons to hire a Wedding Planner

Here at Timeless White Wedding Planning, we are proudly passionate of how what we do for our clients is so helpful to them in the process of planning their Scottish wedding.

Many wedding venues and catering companies commonly mislead Bridal couples into believing that they will have the services of a Wedding Planner once they book their wedding with them – however, in reality no venue or caterer provides the backround support in the lead up to a wedding day or the fully rounded support on the day that a Wedding Planner can.

Read on to understand how a Wedding Planner can help you and if it’s something that you think you could benefit from.

1.    Remove pressure and stress

So not only is this one of the most emotionally important days in your life that your organising, it’s also likely to be the most expensive day of your life – no matter what your budget.

It’s also likely that you’ve never really worked with or in the industry to know who’s who and what’s what. In addition to that you’ll also have family and friends’ needs to consider in the process, especially if you are to receive contributions from your parents. Whether you want to admit it or not, weddings naturally come with quite a lot of pressure.


Hiring a Wedding Planner is like having your very own experienced, knowledgeable PA in the world of weddings- you can have them help you as much as you want. No-one wants to be sat at their laptop at 2 in the morning searching 500 local Photographers and wondering when everything will feel fun and magical again. Your planner can schedule appointments, deal with suppliers, and work through the nitty-gritty issues of your day such as delivery logistics and bus route timings. No-one wants to be sat at their laptop at 2 in the morning searching 500 local Photographers and wondering when everything will feel fun and magical again.

No matter which package you book with Timeless White Wedding Planning will organize every supplier and liaise with them two weeks in advance of your wedding so all queries are dealt with and everyone turns up to your wedding fully knowing what to expect and ready to do their very best for you!

2.    Experience and expertise of area

In most instances, this will be your first time planning a wedding. A rooted and established local Wedding Planner has likely been in the wedding industry for years, having planned possibly hundreds of weddings, and are industry experts when it comes to wedding day protocol, etiquette, and what it takes to put on a successful event of this magnitude.

“Thank you so much for all your help with the wedding! You removed SO much of the worrying and we really appreciate your professionalism and hard work, you are an impressive young lady Emma Douglas!

Wedding Planners know the latest trends and are inspired daily by other brides, suppliers and the industry. They can visualise what will work in your venue and know how to bring your vision to life as well as how to best achieve that look with your budget.

Since Wedding Planners have been there, done that in almost all areas of wedding planning, we have all the knowledge to help you save time and money. If you have a favorite flower arrangement in mind, we can help you find the best florist in town. We also can be full of recommendations for a menu, dessert, or alcoholic beverage selection that will fit with your wedding theme and budget. If you are a committed crafter, we can offer advice on how to order the right materials for some DIY decor for your wedding. Most importantly, none of the questions that you may have concerning your big day will go unanswered:  we know the secrets to getting things done efficiently, which can help save you loads of time that you would have spent researching or asking friends for advice.

3.    Great networks – discounts!

Myth = Wedding Planners cost a lot and build commission into supplier fees.

A Wedding Planner regularly communicates with suppliers in all areas of the industry and can recommend the best vendors for you based on style, budget and reputation. Wedding Planners are also aware of cost-efficient ways to do things – reusing the Church flowers elsewhere for example, or suggesting viable ways to save costs on food and drinks.

At Timeless White our clients benefit from access to our exclusive Dreamlist of discounts and upgrades with some of the very best reputed suppliers in the industry – For example if you were to book our Wedding Day Management service, you could save our entire fee in discounts and upgrades by working with just a photographer and videographer from the Dreamlist.

At Timeless White we take no commission from any suppliers that we recommend.

Myth = Busted.

4.    Avoid common (and expensive) mistakes

Wedding Planners tend to know of the common mistakes that people frequently make. Your Planner is likely to feel less emotional about things in relation to your wedding and will almost certainly give rational input based on experience.

Your Planner can guide you in any area – from invitation dates and RSVP requirements through to time allowances for speeches and contractual queries with your suppliers.


A Wedding Planner will take into account the bigger picture of your wedding and will be able to advise you where best to invest and where you can spend less and not make mistakes. Maybe you don’t need that £600 3 tier simple wedding cake when a high-end supermarket has a cake that could fulfill exactly that role for half the price?

5.    Share in your overall vision

In this process, you are going to find so much inspiration and have so many ideas for your wedding day and when it comes to making it happen on the day, your Wedding Planner will know exactly how and why things should be done as you’ve suggested.

Working with Timeless White has absolutely seamless. The girls anticipated all our needs and translated our ideas into the wedding of our dreams.”

Perhaps it’s something simple like a napkin fold to accommodate an inserted menu or something more complicated like the exact layout and arrangement of the room and who on each table should have the best view of the top table (Nobody want’s their Granny sat with her back to you during dinner!).

Your Planner will also be a source of inspiration and advice, knowing ways to add to the day or achieve the best look and feel with your budget – or ways that you could tweak your spending in other areas to free up some money for that incredible donut wall you desperately want!

6.    Organisation

Wedding Planners are experts in organization, we can very quickly give you the information that you need regarding anything you might need to know about your wedding. This organization can help to keep you calm and stress free.  Us Wedding Planners love lists! Budgets, timelines, guest lists, spreadsheets you name it, we have a template for it and it will cover every detail you can imagine plus lots that you won’t have even thought of!

Your Wedding Planner will have an itemized list of questions for you about what has been or requires arranging and will ensure each and every possible query has been considered.

At Timeless White, we keep a detailed Wedding file that not only contains details of every Wedding supplier and package you’ve booked but it contains an action tracker –so at any point, we can advise you on how things are progressing or remind you to pay that deposit invoice with your florist if its due.

With all of this assurance, you can sit back and enjoy the process – especially as the day draws near and you find yourself at dress fittings, beauty appointments and perhaps even travelling to get to Scotland for your wedding.

7.    Wedding Day Co-ordination – No last minute problems!

When your wedding day finally comes around, you'll feel great knowing that your planner is taking command of the venue and vendors, coordinating logistics, and ensuring that everything runs smoothly. If any issues arise during the ceremony or reception, your Planner will be the first one on the scene to make a professional suggestion on how to overcome it.

Your Wedding Planner will keep everyone informed on the day and will ensure that anything which needs dealt with is done so, shielding you from the many little questions that can come up on the day.

The whole day went absolutely perfectly and I believe we 100% have you to thank for that. A number of people said it was the best wedding they had ever been too”

Your Wedding Planner is also your practical pair of hands on the day – they will help with the setup of your Ceremony and Reception space, they’ll sound check any music systems, check in with suppliers if they are running late and generally ensure everything is looked after as far as possible. If it rains ahead of your outdoor wedding ceremony, guess who will be on hand to ensure the chairs don’t get wet and you don’t either? Your Wedding Planner of course.

This way, you and your families only concern will be to enjoy every moment.