Carolyn is infamously attached to her phone, so taking it away for the ceremony music was a pretty big deal!

Carolyn is infamously attached to her phone, so taking it away for the ceremony music was a pretty big deal!

What made you decide to involve a Wedding Planner /Coordinator in your Wedding? My wedding was set in such a large location and I knew we were going to have a big wedding (125 people) I knew I couldn’t pull this off by myself, this was my wedding and I just wanted to have someone take all the stress off my hands, I had enough to contend with in respect to deciding who would sit next to who during the meal!
What was the deciding factor for you when it came to choosing Timeless White? Emma!  Her down to earth pragmatic approach to the management of my wedding was exceptional and extremely professional, she kept me grounded and at ease.  
What did you enjoy most about having Timeless White involved? Emma’s whole approach with regards to communicating with me, she pulled out the ideas in my head and turned my wedding into the fairy tale I envisaged to be and more.  As she had experience on running events at the venue I had chosen, she knew short cuts, who to contact, the best layout for the amount of guests I had invited, I asked her for the impossible for my wedding with regards to bring your own booze, she came up with great ideas, it was the biggest stress for me at my wedding believe it or not. She took care of it for me.  Having Emma by my side from the morning until the evening was like having one of your best friends by your side!
Do you think that Timeless White saved you time, money and/or worry? Yes on all aspects! She has contacts you wouldn’t believe! And a very calming nature, I’m a full time working mum to a 5 year old son and I run a charity part time, add in the wedding and my stress levels hit the roof, but Emma took care of everything imaginable. 

How did you feel on your Wedding day, knowing TW were involved?Relaxed (apart from being nervous that I was getting married) She made sure I had that glass of champagne in my hand, and kept reminding me to breath….I knew she was in control (a first for me as I am a control freak) for once I let my hair down and she did her job.

What is it that makes you feel you would recommend TW to future Brides to be? She was basically my mum, my best friend, my sister, my florist, my hairdresser, my makeup artist, my caterer all in one day! She was calm and in control of the whole day, I couldn’t of done it without Emma.

What would you say to someone who thought Wedding Planners were expensive, unnecessary and controlling? They need to think again! I would say you only get married once well this isn’t strictly true but if you want it done and think yeah I can do it myself who you kidding, take the stress away and book TW.