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What made you decide to involve a Wedding Planner /Coordinator in your Wedding?   Being from the States we were doing a destination wedding and so I needed someone who was an absolute pro at what they do. I searched for a long time before I finally found a planner I would be comfortable with, and that was Emma. 
What was the deciding factor for you when it came to choosing Timeless White? 
A combination of cost, personality, and passion. You can tell when you talk to her that she loves her job and loves making people’s dreams come true. Emma’s personality and how driven she is. From speaking with her, you can tell that she’s a go-getter.
Do you think that Timeless White saved you time, money and/or worry? 
All of the above. I talked with a few different wedding planners as I’m from the states and was planning a destination wedding. Emma showed me some of the greatest wedding vendors who were cheaper (and ended up being better) than the vendors I had randomly found online! I wouldn’t change a single aspect of my wedding, everything and everyone involved was perfect.
How did you feel on your Wedding day, knowing TW were involved? 
I didn’t panic ONCE, I never had a moment where I was thinking “well, now where did this go, where is Emma….” It was always “oh thank God Emma is keeping everything on schedule, thank God for her.”

What is it that makes you feel you would recommend TW to future Brides to be? Emma’s excellent job she did with my wedding. I couldn’t have picked a better planner to have the event go as smoothly as it did.

What would you say to someone who thought Wedding Planners were expensive, unnecessary and controlling? I would say that they need to channel their inner Frozen and “let it go”. Emma was none of those above, in fact,I would honestly say she was the opposite. Emma never once told me I couldn’t do something with my wedding – she wanted me to have the moon if I desired it and would go out of her way to attend to all of the requests that I had. The day of, she was so incredible that she even read my mind a few times and brought me something I hadn't even yet thought about needing.