How it all began…

Emma was seventeen years old when she was told by a friends parent that she would be “great working with Weddings”. At the time Emma didn’t really know what that meant, but the comment planted a seed.

Emma then went on to study Marketing and Entrepreneurship at University and spent 18 months throughout her studies helping another Wedding Planner. She soon realised that being a Wedding Planner isn’t all about high heels and directing where flowers should be placed! (Nice try J-Lo!) However, Emma did fall in love with the excitement, the responsibility and the honour of being involved in such a special day.

On turning 21 Emma decided that it was time to get serious and to set up a business of her own. In July 2010 Timeless White launched and Emma has never looked back! Her love for this industry and the work she does has grown bigger than she could ever have imagined. In this role Emma has an opportunity to work with fantastic people, to share her creativity, put her organisation skills to good use and help reassure fantastic couples that their dream wedding is in hand!

EMMA - Director & Wedding Planner

It’s because I love this job that I believe I am naturally very good at it.

Hi! I'm Emma, and I'll let you in to a little secret of mines... (though its not a very well kept one!) .., I absolutely LOVE my job.

I am the owner of Timeless White and I would be honoured to help you plan your Wedding! 

My approach to Timeless White has been built around good old fashioned virtues – helpfulness, attention to detail, honesty, organisation, fun and a hands-on hearty approach to the work we do. As the saying goes “all that is done is love is done well” and I’d like to think that’s a phrase that is embodied in my work and the approach I take to it.

Over the last nine (Yes..I can barely believe it myself, nine!) years I have built a fantastic portfolio of experience working alongside some of Scotlands most creative and talented wedding suppliers. I've also been very lucky to have met so many incredible people whose life journeys and love stories have been nothing short of captivating.

Of course, the learning never stops in this business and I’ve learned my fair share of tips and tricks over the years to help our clients save time, money and worry -  we’ve developed more efficient and reliable ways of working over the years and were proud to introduce our White list of suppliers, who kindly offer our clients discounts, in 2015.



  • His Vows & a red rose - My Husband Greg completely blew me away by incorporating the beautiful words of “A red, red, rose” by Scottish poet Rabbie Burns in to his vows. It was significant in many ways, firstly because of the beautiful words but also because my middle name is “Rose” and ur Wedding bands are rose gold. Greg is my rock, best friend, business advisor and all-round moral compass.

  • Passport - Put simply, if I spot a suitable gap in my Weddings diary to take a plane somewhere, I will! In recent times I’ve visited Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Italy, France, The USA and Turkey.

  • Timeless White Business Cards - TW has been the source of so much inspiration, pride and happiness. I truly am so honoured to have had the opportunities I have throughout my life to have built something I love so much.

  • Chanel “Chance” - A perfume I love, not just for its fragrance but for its name! I’ve been wearing “Chance” to milestone moments in my life and somehow things always go the way I want them to.

  • Coffee, Lemon Cake and Champagne - Caffeine addict. Lemon anything. The inventor of Champagne Tuesdays.

  • Breakfast at Tiffanys - The dress, the cat, the outlook. In my next life, I want to be Holly Golightly.

  • Red bottoms - The best fashion investment I have ever made, a simple pair of black Louboutin Pumps which are actually comfortable, believe it or not!





Hi there! I’m Laura and I am so delighted to be a part of this amazing little business alongside Emma.

When Emma and I had a serious conversation about me joining Timeless White, I jumped at the chance. Emma and I have been great friends now for nearly ten years and it just felt like a perfect fit. While Emma and I have different design styles, we both share the same taste and I’ve always looked on in awe at how beautiful and well organised Timeless White weddings are.

Being part of the planning and completion of a couple’s wedding day is something truly special. I love the organisation and planning that goes into every aspect of the process (FINALLY! A job where my OCD is of use!).

One of my proudest accomplishments was achieving my degree in Human Resources from Robert Gordons University at the young age of 19!

After falling head over heels in love with my now husband (I still love using that word) during my time at University we soon moved in together and had Noah our son. Noah was and still is my main focus and priority in life, after he was diagnosed with Autism aged 3, I was fortunate enough to be a stay at home Mummy and I will forever cherish that time we had together. 

I can’t wait to see what the future holds & to take the wedding business by storm.



  • Jo Malone Rose Oud - My wedding fragrance, a quick spray of this and I’m instantly reminded of lovely memories of our day. 

  • Puzzle piece - Noah, my son is my true inspiration, purpose and motivation in life. He was diagnosed with autism at the age of 3. He has shown me unconditional love, patience and strength I didn’t know I had. 

  • I Love You card - My Husband and I’s wedding day in Venice. It only took us 8 years of being engaged to finally say I do. I wish we could do it all over again. My husband is my rock and I am so lucky to have found him. 

  • Diet Coke, lipstick and Nutella - My three main vices in life. Oh and the porn star martinis let’s not forget them. 
    Timeless White, the newest chapter in my life. I am beyond excited to be starting this new venture working alongside Emma one of my oldest and dearest friends and someone whom I admire greatly. 

  • Crazy Kitten - I must confess I am a crazy cat lady at heart. Willow (the sassy ragamuffin pictured) is one of our newest additions to the family alongside Nala her sister, who is equally as sassy. 

  • F.R.I.E.N.D.S - In my downtime you will either find me watching re runs of friends (best tv show ever!), running a bath with one of my many lush bath bombs or at the gym trying to catch my breathe in spin class. 

  • Handbag - Oh and I mustn’t forget my third true love, my Gucci disco bag. I’m rarely without this beauty as it’s so practical and it goes with everything.